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MC Application

Online Application of Non-DOST Agencies for Certification to RA 8439

Republic Act 8439, which was approved on December 22, 1997, provides for a magna carta for scientists, engineers, researchers and other science and technology personnel in government. RA 8439 recognizes S&T as an essential element for the attainment of national development and progress. To attain this objective, the government provides for a program of human resources development in S&T to achieve and maintain the necessary reservoir of talent and manpower that will sustain its drive for S&T mastery.

The implementing rules and regulations (IRR) stipulates that only agencies conducting scientific and technological activities are eligible for Magna Carta. STA is defined in the IRR as "all systematic activities which are closely concerned with the generation, advancement, dissemination, and application of scientific and technical knowledge in all fields of natural science and technology.

Government agencies involved in S&T may apply to the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to avail of the benefits of RA 8439. The DOST Screening Committee, was established to evaluate applicants. To facilitate evaluation, a working group composed of senior personnel of various agencies under DOST was created on November 17, 2000 through DOST Special Order 459.

Certification to magna carta will cover the following benefits: honorarium, share of royalties, subsistence allowance, laundry allowance, longevity pay, housing and quarters allowance, and hazard pay. However, agencies have to apply to the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development after certification to RA 8439 to avail of the Hazard Pay.



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